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All-Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away

It’s that time of year again, Hall County – mosquito season!

I am one of those “lucky” people that mosquitoes love and any bites I get tend to turn into not-so-pretty welts.

Sure, ‘OFF’ works, but I decided to try some all-natural ways to repel mosquitoes this year.

Here are some ideas I’ve found.

All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Mason Jar

Aside from being really pretty, this mason jar mosquito repellent supposedly works really well!

The active ingredient is Lemon Eucalyptus Oil which is recommended by the CDC as an effective all-natural bug repellent.

How To Make It

– 1-2 Lemon Wedges
– 1-2 Lime Wedges
– A couple sprigs of Rosemary
– Water (fill remainder of jar with water)
– Active Ingredient: Lemon Eucalyptus oil (7-10 drops)
– Floating Tea Candles

How Does It Work?

It’s the evaporation of the ingredients mixed with the smoke from the candle that repels the mosquitoes.

Other Natural Mosquito Repellent Ideas

Some people use rubbing alcohol. They claim that rubbing it on your skin before going outside really helps to keep mosquitoes away.

Another common product is Skin So Soft from Avon. I have friends that swear by this lotion to keep mosquitoes away.

Another Facebook user says, “my favorite mosquito repellant is a “cat tail” cut at the base, dried (i put mine in the attic until dried) and burn like a big stick of incense. lasts several hours.”

Here’s an interesting idea from another Facebook user:

“I use cinnamon oil mixed with cheap alcohol (vodka) as a spray and it works wonderfully! It works great to spritz on yourself, around an outdoor patio area, on outdoor furniture, on screens, near outdoor lights, etc…it definitely keeps them away and is super cheap and makes a lot too.”

Do you have any all-natural ways to keep mosquitoes away?

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